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Our primary focus is on products for vascular access, concentrating on interventional radiology, interventional cardiology, vascular surgery, and IV therapy. We deliver high quality precision design. That is why our products are chosen for their consistency and reliability.

Conductor Workhorse Guidewire

An 0.014" workhorse guidewire designed for tight lesions, complex navigation and difficult approaches.

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The ELITE HV® R transitionless radial introducer sheath is designed for precise access, smooth entry, and consistent performance. Featuring transitionless, kink-resistant,* h...

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ELITE HV® T Micro-Access Introducer

The ELITE HV® T .018” combination micro-introducer and valve introducer sheath delivers transitionless insertion force and up to 40% improvement vs comparable sheath.* *1:1 simulated data on file

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The Elite HV® F portfolio offers a range of standard valved introducer sheaths for various applications. Kits featuring an .018" dilator for micro-access introduction a...

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Tearaway Introducers

Theragenics Tearaway Introducer Sets & Kits combine precision ergonomic design with the high quality expected in fine medical devices. Each introducer system provides consistent performance, and offer...

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Specialty Guidewires

Theragenics Interventional Specialty Guidewires combine the added precision and design needed for today’s advanced and complex interventional procedures. Intended for use with diagnostic and therapeut...

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Galt VTI®

Galt VTI® Valved Tearaway Introducers feature an integrated hemostasis valve, balancing decreased risk of blood loss and air embolism with ease of catheter insertions.

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Fluent™ Transitionless MicroIntroducer

Theragenics Interventional, one of the premier providers of .018″ micro-access products, is pleased to introduce the Fluent™ Transitionless Micro-Introducer (TMI). The Fluent™ TMI is designed for ease...

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Theragenics Interventional MicroIntroducer Kits along with the Stiffen line of MicroIntroducers provide the high quality and precision design expected by clinicians worldwide. Each feature was designe...

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ELITE HV® MB Micro-Access Introducers

Theragenics Interventional Micro-Access ELITE HV® MB Hemostasis Valve Introducer Kits provide the high quality expected for use during Cardiac Cath Lab and interventional procedures. They are speciall...

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Gateway HV® Valved Adapter

The Gateway HV attachable hemostasis valve adapter is the answer to minimizing blood loss during the introduction of catheters or devices into the vasculature. Comprised of a luer fit hub, a hemostasi...

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