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Improving Outcomes
Starts with Optimal Access

Designed with precision, built to last.

Reduce the risk of access-related complications1 with vascular and non-vascular access devices from Galt Medical, a Theragenics company.

By enabling confident placement and smooth insertion, our access products help minimize discomfort in adult, pediatric, and neonatal populations.

Choose from a wide range of introducers, catheters, and guidewires for vascular and endovascular surgery, interventional cardiology, and interventional radiology procedures, and more. With the combined legacy of Galt Medical and Theragenics, you’re assured reliable access.


Product Categories

Peripheral and Coronary Interventions

From specialty guidewires to micro, tearaway, and valved introducers, we provide durable medical devices to support vascular access procedures. Explore our full kits and individual components.


Provider ease and patient comfort come together in our drainage products. With a focus on atraumatic access and confident placement, these devices are designed for maximum drainage.

Vascular Access

Our vascular access devices are known worldwide for their robustness and reliability. When you need confident placement, maximum drainage, and smooth insertion, choose Galt Medical.

Pediatric Vascular

You need specific tools for treating pediatric and neonatal patients. The Microslide® product family includes introducer sheaths and accessories created by and for neonatal and pediatric clinicians.

  1. Nasser TK, Mohler ER III, Wilensky RL, Hathaway DR. Peripheral vascular complications following coronary interventional procedures. Clin. Cardiol. 1995; 18:609 – 614.