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Radioactive Seed Localization
for Non-palpable Breast Tumors

Combine advanced imaging with radioactive seed localization (RSL) for precise non-palpable breast tumor removal.

Low-activity Iodine-125 seeds are intended for temporary placement before breast surgery. Compared to traditional wire localization, RSL provides a more efficient approach with comparable positive margin and re-operation rates.1

RSL also has workflow advantages, with studies reporting 50% less scheduling time and a 34% increase in biopsy slot utilization. That patients don’t have to wait between procedures helps improve patient satisfaction.2

When you want to optimize precision, improve procedural efficiency, and minimize patient discomfort3, consider Theragenics RSL.

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Non-palpable breast tumor localization

Precision targeting at your fingertips.

TheraMark is a sterile, single use device composed of a low activity AgX100® Iodine-125 seed intended for temporary interstitial implantation to localize target tissue for excision. Our custom delivery system includes your preferred needles and either loose seeds, braided sutures, or encased seeds.
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