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Theragenics Interventional is a leading global provider of vascular access products for a diverse range of interventional procedures. Recognized for high quality precision design, our devices are trusted for their robustness and reliability.  

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MicroSlide® Pediatric Introducer

Theragenics Interventional introduces the MicroSlide® line of vascular access products for smaller patients and smaller vessels. Maintaining the features that are preferred in our current offerings, t...

Tearaway Introducers

Theragenics Tearaway Introducer Sets & Kits combine precision ergonomic design with the high quality expected in fine medical devices. Each introducer system provides consistent performance, and offer...

Specialty Guidewires

Theragenics Interventional Specialty Guidewires combine the added precision and design needed for today’s advanced and complex interventional procedures. Intended for use with diagnostic and therapeut...

Galt VTI®

Galt VTI® Valved Tearaway Introducers feature an integrated hemostasis valve, balancing decreased risk of blood loss and air embolism with ease of catheter insertions.

Micro-Access/MST Introducer Kits

Theragenics Micro-Access/MST Introducer Kits were precisely designed for smaller access sites. Featuring 5cm, 7cm, and 10cm lengths with the option of half sized configurations, each kit provides the ...


Theragenics Interventional offers a variety of separate sterile accessories for procedures. Stocking separate sterile components prevents the need to open an entire procedure kit for just one item.