High activity & Eye plaque
seed carrier

Brachytherapy Seeds for the Treatment of Intra-Ocular Malignancies

TheraSeed® or AgX100® High Activity seed options to meet your implant needs

TheraSeed® – Palladium 103, Model 200

  • 16.9 day half life; 20-23 keV principle energy
  • 4.00 U – 9.00 U (3.09 mCi-apparent – 6.96 mCi-apparent)

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AgX100® – Iodine 125, Model AgX 100

  • 59.4 day half life; 27-35 keV pinciple energy
  • 1.181 U – 19.884 U (0.930 mCi-apparent – 15.657 mCi-apparent)

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Eye Plaque – Seed Carrier

  • Circular and notched silastic seed insert
  • Pre-determined number of seeds within a standardized pattern
  • Sterile seed carrier to be loaded into the implantable outer shield by the end user

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Content intended for the USA. Indications may vary in different countries; please either consult the appropriate IFU or your local distributor.


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