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Gold Fiducial Markers for Precise Radiation Therapy

Designed to minimize displacement and migration

Placed in or near a tumor, fiducial markers help provide clearer identification of anatomic regions and guide radiation treatment.

We design our gold fiducial markers with the same commitment to quality as our industry-leading brachytherapy seeds. And like all our products, they’re backed by 40 years of forward thinking.

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Gold Fiducial Marker Needles

Gold markers encapsulated with Theragenics’ proprietary, synthetic bio-absorbable polymer design. Available in 1.00 or 1.2mm diameter, and 3mm or 5mm lengths.

AnchorMarker™ Needles

Designed with a proprietary synthetic, bio-absorbable polymer to help improve fixity in tissue, reduce misalignment(1), and minimize migration1 and displacement.(2)

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