Theragenics Interventional MicroIntroducer Kits along with the Stiffen line of MicroIntroducers provide the high quality and precision design expected by clinicians worldwide. Each feature was designed to aid in the access process, allowing for consistent performance every time. The Kits combine our precise dilator and sheath transitions with a reinforced assembly to facilitate smooth entry into difficult vessels.

Silicone Coating

Slick surface facilitates ease of insertion.

Cannula Configurations

Regular and stiff cannula configurations. Different dilator options for your clinical needs.

Variety of Guidewires

Including Nitinol or stainless steel core with stainless steel or gold tips.

All Inclusive Packaging

The kits include needle, guidewire, and sheath.


5cm, 10cm, 15cm

French Sizes:

4F and 5F


Kits and separate sterile, 10 per box


Variety of options including Nitinol or stainless steel core with stainless steel or gold tips.


This kit includes needle, guidewire, and sheath.

Locking Dilator

Locking Dilator

4F and 5F color coded hub

4F and 5F color coded hub

Regular and Stiff cannula configurations

Regular and Stiff cannula configurations

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