Theragenics Corporation



Brachytherapy Products

  • TheraSeed® Palladium-103 brachytherapy seeds
  • AgX100® Iodine-125 brachytherapy seeds

TheraSeed® and AgX100® are available in the following configurations:

    • Strands
      • TheraStrand®
      • VariStrand™1
      • TheraSleeve®
    • Needle Loaded Products
      • TheraLoad®
      • AnchorLoad®1
    • Magazines for use with the Mick Applicator
      • Seeds in Magazines
      • AnchorSeed®1

  • AnchorMarker®
  • SeedLock3™ Needle
  • TheraMesh™ with TheraSeed® or AgX100® for treatment of organ-confined localized cancer
  • High Activity TheraSeed® or AgX100® for treatment of ocular melanoma


Note1:  VariStrand™, AnchorLoad®, and AnchorSeed® products are covered by one or more of the following U.S. Patents:  7,776,310 and 8,470,294.